We are Juan & Inga Garibay…

…and we live and work on our ranch in West Valley, Yakima. Juan and Ingas passion for cows started early in their childhoods. 

Juan grew up in Mexico, where he spent a lot of time at his grandfathers and uncles cattle ranch. He started raising grass-fed cows for our family and a few friends in 2005 to keep them healthy. Year after year more friends asked for the beef and Juan began to increase our herd to provide our friends and community with healthy grass-fed beef.

Inga spent all her childhood summer vacations on cattle ranches in Germany. She loved helping the rancher feed the animals and pet the cows and calves. After Juan and Inga met in 2019 she moved from Berlin to Yakima. Since 2022 they take care of their animals together.  

This is how we work…


We interact with our cows every day. We believe in giving them personal attention from beginning to end. As soon as they are born, we start talking to them and petting them. 

garibay ranch newborn

We put a collar on the calves and lead them around with a rope for 3 weeks. The rope helps us get closer to them, and they eventually get used to it.  Since the mother cows have been raised in the same way, their calves don’t fear humans, leading to a relatively carefree first month of life.

Once the calves become too big to be collared, they are already accustomed to their handlers and want to stay nearby. The calves look at their mom’s body language, and when they see us walking up and feeding them grass out of our hand, they feel safe.

A part of our team …

Garibay Ranch Cow

„150 our best Mama cow“ 

„Cookie our sweetheart“

„Marshmallow our ranch star“


„G“ is our biggest helper.

One team 150 and Inga.

Our eye-catcher „Fantasma“. Fantasma means in spanish „ghost“. She likes to hide sometimes. 

„Majesty Martinez“ our tame bull. He likes to be cuddled. 

Garibay Ranch