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Raising cattle is more than just a business for us:

It’s a labor of love. It’s all about giving the cows a good experience and making their lives as stress-free as possible.

Our mission is to raise our animals stressless, with patience and love. We like to give you and our community full transparency how we raise and handle our animals. We want you to know where your grass-fed finished beef is coming from.

You can visit us and tour the ranch. We will give you the best experience how we live and work with our cattle. 

Our herd of cattle is outside all year around. We believe the health of the animals is significant because of free-range husbandry. We have nearly 80 acres of pasture fenced in and we rotate our cattle from pasture to pasture.

Our animals eat all year long grass and in the winter if needed we feed alfalfa to make sure they have enough food and all nutrition they need.

We don’t do artificial insemination and we don’t use hormones. We keep it all natural.

Customer reviews...

“I love your ranch and your cows. Your cows are giving me joy and positive energy!”



“Your beef is the best!”

Gabriel & Marina

“Making German Liverwurst was so much fun and tasted so yummy“

Phil & Megan

“Amazing experience your tame cows!”


“Juan & Inga thank your for this experience at the ranch. Our family was so impressed from your cows!“

„Your beef is the best, we will order again” 

Gerald & Ana

Garibay Ranch